Daily Thoughts, September 18, 2015
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As the F1 racing circus comes to town, I am reminded that great images are amazing because of the emotions the stir within.  The subject is not as important as the emotions triggered by what we see, smell, and hear.  It could be a stunning sunset, a wonderful image of nature, or a painting that touches the heart.  With each, everything metaphorically or tangibly skips a beat and we realize we have been touched.  Words can stun, in good ways and bad.  Images can knock us down, in joy and sorrow.  What we hear, smell, and sense can be powerful forces in your life and mine.

I have come to appreciate how messages emerge when everything comes together.  A F1 team’s car design, colors, team uniforms, and attitude for an impression that is hard to ignore.  When it is a winning combination, even it they are not one’s favorite it is hard not to admire them anyways!  On the other hand, messages of those conceding defeat bring a sense of sadness regardless of one’s loyalty (or lack of).

When I consider the ways this process repeats itself in my life, I cannot help but consider the role I play in my god-of-the-moment.  For good or for worse, I am part of the messaging and branding.  In moments that are less than glorious, it would not be a surprise to know that everyone thinks my god is ugly!  In the best moments, ah, compassion and computer taking center stage, mercy trumping justice, and caring oozing from every direction, I hear the echo of the Psalmist observation – “God’s hometown – oh! everyone there is talking about you!”  (Psalm 87.3)

The race weekend is just beginning.  There are stories to be written by everyone involved.  There are reasons to suspect the usually players will come out on top, but given Singapore’s circuit and everything going on, one never knows!  Today is much the same in your life and mine.  We get to write the words of our story.  I am hopeful that the best will emerge, stunning everyone.

September 17, 2015
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