Daily Thoughts, September 20, 2015
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Several of the F1 teams in the Singapore race have their two drivers sitting next to or behind each other.  The differences between the two over the long street circuit is minutes.  Given the volumes of data streaming between the car and the support team, everything is out in the open.  The line chosen, the moment of braking, the amount of braking or acceleration, and hundreds of additional data points are analyzed by everyone involved, including both drivers.  On occasion, you see one driver studying the differences between him and his teammate.

As I watch the interactions, I can hear Life reminding me of what I see.

Understanding the past, as openly and honestly as one can, is the key to the future.  Ignoring the past’s details does not help a driver go faster.

While there are rewards and recognition in the short term, ultimately the goal is to be the best you can be.  The excitement of the immediate should never put the larger story into the shadows.

Knowing is never enough.  You can absorb all the data points.  You can understand the choices made by the fastest driver in each section of the race.  You can listen to the engineers and understand each bit of data and how this translate into information.  You can have the support of former drivers, mentoring you at every step.  In the end, everything is simply noise until it is put into action by doing the stuff of racing.  One must drive.

When you drive, especially if you are fast, others will watch, study, and follow.  It is a cycle that repeats with every race and each way of looking at life.  The Psalmist reminded us of what happens; “The word’s getting out on Zion: ‘Men and women, right and left, get born again in her!’”  (Psalm 87.5)

In living life fast and full, I find that Compassion is key, Community makes a difference, and Caring is an entry pass.  Put them all together, and life begins to max out!  Like driving, it is easier to say than do.

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