Daily Thoughts, September 23, 2015
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End of the Road

As I watched a massive breach of trust by a global corporation unfold, I must admit that I was surprised.  How could anyone within the company in the line of command from the units responsible for testing and controls not be aware of the problem?  Was I expected to believe that those at the top did not know?

I have no inside information on the saga or how it is being dealt with.  Having worked for corporations where I have been asked to veil my views of breaches on my watch, I am sympathetic to the pressure that executives can put on everyone across the organization to support a particular narrative.  With time, I find that the executives believe that their narratives are accurate and complete summaries of the facts, figures, and truth.

In many ways the mythology that one creates and its attraction is understandable.  For a season, everything works.  Reports look good, individuals are recognized and rewarded for the apparent abilities, contributions and results.  Everyone wins or so the story goes.

Eventually, in the recent case 11 million stories later, the truth is revealed.  For some, it is the end of the road.  Resignations and firings, legal actions, and shredded reputations are just the beginnings of the retributions and restoration.

As I wonder about the company and those involved, I find myself looking in the mirror.  Although it is hard, I see there is some mythology.  I know it should not, does not need to be, but it is.  While there are corrective actions pending, the real works starts within the heart.  The foundations for the future are found here.  Candor, truth, and compassion are essential but they are never enough.  I know help is required and available.  I find myself embracing words of old as mine today; “God, you’re my last chance of the day. I spend the night on my knees before you.”  (Psalm 88.1)

It is an end and a beginning.  It is a time of remembrance, refocus, and rebuilding.  Restoration and celebration come together as an opportunity.

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