Daily Thoughts, September 24, 2015
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There is an event scheduled.  Even before I knew the date, I knew I was not on the invitation list.  In all the ways that count, I am ok with this.  I am not A listed for this event, I am B.  Although I feel ok with it, the self examination triggered an expanded reflection of the various lists I find myself on or not as the situation may be.

There are three different categories of the different lists.  First, a place where I am confident and comfortable with where I stand.  The second are places where I know where I am but it is not where I want or need to be.  The third is a place of uncertainty.  I am always not sure about rank or belonging.  Life reminds me that the first is comfortable, second is actionable, and the third is a hell of my creation.

I find it helpful to review each from time to time along the following lines.

In places of comfort, there is a reflective question asking for attention.  Does my comfort come from an alignment between values, priorities, and aspirations and where I stand, or is it something else?

When I want to be somewhere I am not, higher on the list or simply knowing where I stand, change is required.  The change could be on the part of others, however more often than not the change required is within.  As I wrestle with what to do, questions remain unanswered.  Have I asked myself why?  Am I striving for something better or sliding into a comfort zone?  When I long for more, am I looking for and willing to accept help?

I would love to tell you that I am always certain of my standing with Divinity.  There are days when I am and then there are others.  As my work in this space continues, I know a place where I can begin – asking for help; “Put me on your [Divinity’s] salvation agenda; take notes on the trouble I’m in.”  (Psalm 88.2) It is good to walk together.

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