Daily Thoughts, September 25, 2015
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I remind clients that I can only share what they can hear.  Life has led me to a believe that being open to the truth, a new idea, or a word from another (even God), starts with hearing.  There are several degrees.  The degrees start when hearing is mandated (very little is heard).  It is followed by openness (something is heard, usually through the filter of bias).  It reaches it peak when the listen demands (as open as one can be with her/his limits).  Given the degree, I can only tell them what they can hear.

The reality that one cannot share a truth is frustrating and painful.  Being able to see what another cannot happens all the time.  Only under certain conditions does one get through to another’s.  The nature of what one is sharing, from important, relevant, and even life changing, is not a major factor.  Hearing starts within one’s heart and continues in the mind.

Life continues to remind me of situations when I am able to hear.

Hearing starts with trust.  When I have a trust filled relationship, there is a chance that I will hear.  This is often linked to being open.  The risk is that I hear only what I want to hear not what I need to hear.

Hearing grows with need.  When my path is blocked, when my aspirations are challenged, I know I want to hear more.  I am looking for help and the ideas and insights of others can be a great help.

Hearing is at its peak when I am desperate.  It is when my reality screams out “I’ve had my fill of trouble; I’m camped on the edge of hell,” (Psalm 88.3) I know I am willing to hear as much as I can.

As I listen others tell of memories I was a part of, I hear my mother’s voice and laughter.  She tried to tell and share.  I wish I had been listened early instead of waiting until I desperately demanded answers.  Listen is a choice; it has always been a choice.

September 24, 2015
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