Daily Thoughts, September 27, 2015
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With an email and reference to a call that was never received, the hope of making my flight to Tokyo and on to Singapore disappeared.  Despite best efforts on my part, everything seemed to be conspiring together.  The seats on the delayed flight were on the final row at the back.  Exiting the plane was delayed for almost fifteen minutes because there no qualified individual to man the flight bridge.  Airlines agents at the gate where I came in were ambivalent about my plight.  As I walked up to the departing gate two minutes after it was scheduled to depart, it was silent and empty!  There was no plane in sight, no agents lingering in the area, no passengers trying to get on board.

When I finally reached the front of the airline assistance queue, nobody rushed. I retold my story of a delayed connecting flight due to mechanical issues, the lack of help or care, and sense of being lost on what came next.  It was easy to describe my feelings by being dramatically over the top in paraphrasing a psalm; “Abandoned as already dead, one more body in a stack of corpses, and not so much as a gravestone – I’m a black hole in oblivion.”  (Psalm 88.5) Does anyone know I exist?

I am sure the lady behind the counter has heard and seen it all.  Her ability to remain calm was assuring.  Her willingness to look for options created a sense of hope and effort.  Even when the only solution as a day delay, it felt good to have someone on one’s side.  I am reminded that the experience is not that different from the rest of life.

Feeling lost and abandoned happens to everyone.  It also happens far more frequently than we anticipate or are prepared for.

There are individuals willing and able to help, especially if we are willing to ask for help.  We may feel alone, but help, starting with Divinity, is closer than we think.

Patience is an expression of trust.

In every situation there is an opportunity.

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