Daily Thoughts, January 3, 2016
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I woke this morning to an email with a one-page summary that was thirteen years old.  I paused to reflect on the team’s view of life.  Although it was a decade plus old, it is still relevant and timely.  By any measure, in that period we seized the platform we had and reached for more.  With hindsight and more experience, I can see ways we could improve on our execution and dreams.  What is encouraging is that we tried to make a difference with everything we had at our disposal!  People all over the world reached for a shared vision.  The result is that we made a difference, especially for our customers.

As I turn and look at the present, I wonder if I realize how open life’s platform is.

We have the freedom within us to choose our paths and actions.  Even as I look back at yesterday’s limits, it is clear that there were options left ungrasp.  I appreciate more than at any time in my life how open life is.  We choose.  We decide.  We determine what happens in the moment we have.

Life gifts us with a unique platform.  We may not appreciate the platform we have.  It is worth considering and reflecting on our setting and context.  Among the endless statements of hope is a reminder from one scribe of a Divine promise; “I’ll [Divinity] give you a long life, give you a long drink of salvation!”  (Psalm 91.16)

Thirteen years ago a group of individuals mustered the courage and resolve to act.  I am reminded we will need all the courage and resolve we have and then some if we want to live life to the fullest.  There are others willing to help, God included.  It begins when one recognizes that one is part of a greater story.  It continues when one embraces one’s role and reaches for more with others!  So much is possible.  So much wonder, beauty, and inspiration can be inhaled, embraced, and enjoyed in the time we have.

Seize the day!  Live with everything you have.

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