Daily Thoughts, January 4, 2016
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Singapore has its share of hidden treasures.  From a tropical rainforest with its own problems due to wild boars and monkeys, to hidden culinary treasures, and boardwalks, there is something for everyone somewhere.  It may be hidden, but once discovered, it is always there.

As a new chapter begins, I find myself thinking of moments in the past.  Discovering a modern art museum with my daughter, minutes from where I live but until that moment totally unknown and beyond my reach.  I think of a caring hospital I was recently at, literally a stones throw from where I went to school in my youth but one that I have never visited.  I think of the fun eating experiences with friends, introducing them to new flavors, textures, eating and dining places.

The memories drift on to temples, churches, and places of solitude.  Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Moslem, and spiritual journeys mix in a unique way that leaves me more aware of God’s character.

In remember and being aware, I find myself thankful for the gifts this city has for everyone that passes its gates.  I can hear the echo of the Psalmist words replaying and adapting themselves to this setting; “What a beautiful thing, God, to give thanks, to sing an anthem to you, the High God!” (Psalm 92.1) As I consider the present, the reminders I leave for myself include the following.

Openness creates a window of opportunity to discover and experience things that are new or forgotten.

Finding things new or forgotten is a choice.  Without saying yes, even when one discovers, one may not realize what s/he has.

We are never on a quest alone.  We have far more guides than we realize.  Being open to the guidance that starts with the Other allows one to see a world much bigger, richer, and more complete.

The quest is on!  In the silence marked by the sound of a single bird reminding us that the dawn is here, there are new experiences waiting to be embraced.  This is not the end; it is just the beginning.

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