Daily Thoughts, January 5, 2016
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Without Fanfare

As I looked through the photographs, one caught my eye.  It was a simple slice of a day, a moment unnoticed except by the one behind the camera.  The framing was perfect.  My attention drawn to the face, the eyes, and the angst that was quietly being conveyed with drama or overt display.  It was a quietly powerful as anything I have seen in a long time.

As the scene remains in the back of my thinking, part of me lingers, reflecting, considering, and thinking of the lessons conveyed through the black and white image.

Some of life most powerful messages are delivered without drama, loud noises, or fanfare.  When I think of my response to a stunning sunrise, I realize that as much as I want others to know, I want to embrace and remember myself.  I want “to announce your [God’s] love each daybreak, sing your faithful presence all through the night,” (Psalm 92.2) if only as a reminder to my heart.

There is purpose and reason to pay attention to life.  In the process, one discovers and has an opportunity to embrace the extraordinary found in the ordinary.  The wonder of a rose, the beauty of a sunset, the cries of humanity found in another’s eyes and body language.  In hearing and seeing, we join the larger story.  We will discover Hope’s voice, Compassion’s embrace, and Love’s reach.

I am reminded that the purpose of paying attention is to answer the cry of one’s heart.  We long to feel, be part of, and ultimately make a difference to those around us.  We care deeply.  Unless there is a platform to express that care, we risk falling into a pool of despair and cynicism, much of of our making.

My mind return to the photograph and the reflections in the quietness of this morning.  In the midst of pain, chaos, and dark clouds, there are statements of hope, love, and community.  We have an opportunity to embrace the best around us. When we do, we are a link between beauty, possibilities, and action.

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