Daily Thoughts, January 7, 2016
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The tug of a young boy on his dad’s hand brought a smile.  He wanted his dad’s attention.  He wanted to show him something, special!  Even from a distance I could hear the words in any language.

“Watch me, watch me!”

As the dad watched, everything about his body language screamed, “I love it!  You are amazing son.  You are everything I imagined and more.  I am proud of you!”

It is a scene I never get tired watching.  As the unknown characters embraced their roles with passionate enthusiasm, I replayed videos in my mind of young children who went on to become amazing adults, young adults who have gone on to become great leaders, and individuals that are so much more than they were!  In each case I find myself wanting to celebrate with them.  If they were listening right now, I would tell them about how amazing s/he is.  How s/he is everything I imagined and more.  In each case, I am proud to have known them then and now.

Even as the smile remains on my face and hope etched on my soul, I see the following more clearly.

Divinity is at work, then and now.  While I do not always recognize the faith system the individual embraced, it is clear that Brahma has been at work in each life.  In response, my heart echoes the psalmist’s words; “You made me so happy, God. I saw your work and I shouted for joy.”  (Psalm 92.4)

So much more is possible than our imaginations and dreams tell us.  What is real is so far beyond my imagination, dreams, and hopes that I chide myself for my visions limits.  Letting go of the limitations is an invitation for Divinity and Others to lift us far beyond anything we think possible.

Nothing is given.  Whatever happens is the outcome of our actions and relationships.  We are creators who shape our story as well as the greater story with others.  If we want a better world, we must engage and work with others.

So much is possible.

January 6, 2016
January 8, 2016