Daily Thoughts, January 10, 2016
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I listened to an echo of myself passionately raise his concerns.  In an improved version of my youth, he was articulate, even tempo, passionate yet quiet, and still projected his intense concern.  As I listened, I observed the reactions of others around me.  While some appeared to “get” the message, most were ambivalent to the concern of his heart.

I found myself reflecting on the past, considering the present, and wondering how I should react.  Lessons of the conversations past and present, suggest the following.

Consider and reflect on the concerns of others in proportion to the amount of trust and respect you have for the individual.  Discarding the concerns raised by another always runs the risk that one had the truth but ignored the opportunity to do something with it.  One helpful measure is to gauge the degree of wisdom, trust, and respect you have for the source.  Proportionally with one’s relationship, invest in reflection and consideration.

Knowing is an opportunity, not a mandate.  One should never presume one knows how to respond.  Every situation is unique.  Are you being asked to help?  Are you being called to act?  What is the best that you can do?

If the concern is another’s fight, there may be a role other than fighting that is critical for you to fill.  The Psalmist noted that “when the wicked popped up like weeds and all the evil men and women took over, you [God] mowed them down, finished them off once and for all.” (Psalm 92.7) There are cries for help, being in the heart of battle is just one of them.  Responding to the cry of our heart, empowered and guided by conviction and the larger story, is our best response to the call to battle.

On this night I sense the calling to my role.  I walked away with peace and resolve.  It is an opportunity to be true to myself, the battles, and my communities.  I cannot change the past; I can learn and grow in the present so that the future comes with greater hope.

January 9, 2016
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