Daily Thoughts, January 12, 2016
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Business graphs share a common theme with each other – they compare pieces to each other (pies), against what they were (trends) or to what they might have been (projections versus actuals).  In each example the door to understanding rests in comparing.  One with another, now with the past, and now with what I imagined the future to be.  As helpful as the process can seem, the comparison may or may not be a useful reference point.

As I examine the aspirations around me to move further and further into the digital world, I find myself struck by the comparisons used.

Digital dreams compared with products and services available today.  Little judgment is given to the reality that the products and services used as reference are not unusually successful.  While ok, few are satisfied with what is available.  The fact that my dream is better than what is should not, in itself, be surprising.

Digital dreams that represent an evolution in change but not in experience.  If my experience is the same then why change?  Someone’s experience needs to be better if one is going to do something different!  It could be the customer, or the supplier, or the vendor to the supplier.  If nothing is positive, then I find myself questioning anyone making the effort.

Digital dreams versus digital reality.  The imagination world is rarely seen in high definition!  As the details reveal themselves, one begins to see gaps, imperfections, and inconsistencies in one or both points.  The harsh reality is that dreams and reality fall short of what they could be.

As a reminder to myself, I keep coming back to the following.

Do ask others to look as benchmarks that are less than they could be.

To this end, avoid asking anyone to look at natural outcome of imperfection; “Look at your enemies, God! Look at your enemies – ruined! Scattered to the winds, all those hirelings of evil!” (Psalm 92.9) Whatever one sees, it does not tell you about what could be.

Instead, see and understand the present while reaching and lifting higher.

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