Daily Thoughts, January 13, 2016
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There is an interesting mix in the gym I use.  Some are visibly strong.  Others are demonstrably strong.  The latter often catches me by surprise!  Visibly one has looked, considered, and drawn a conclusion.  Everything is challenged without a word.  The individual steps up and by any measure exceeds every measure one thought possible.  In some cases, the demonstration defies anything I thought possible from anyone.

As I think of the transformation that I have witnessed, especially over longer periods of time, there are several points that I find I must consider.

It is impossible to judge how far someone can progress.  As I write the words, two individuals stand out.  In both cases, I would have been the last to predict the outcome!  I looked at overweight, out of shape, happy to lucky individuals a year ago and I cheered them on.  While I was not pessimistic then, I willingly admit that I was also not confident.  A year later and I stand corrected.

Traditional evaluation methods, conversation, behaviours, and awareness of successful milestones, do not give one an accurate picture.  There are key indicators but they are usually the ones we pay least attention to. Examples of true indicators include include intensity, consistency, and perseverance.

Anyone who invests the right effort, attitude, and time will make progress.  As I listen to a friend reflect on the changes in his life, I listened to him paraphrase the psalmist’s words when talking of the trainer he worked with; “You’ve made me strong as a charging bison, you’ve honored me with a festive parade.”  (Psalm 92.10)

No matter where we are or the condition we are in, we can get better.  The lessons from the gym suggests that our willingness to engage, our openness to be disciplined, and our walking the walk will determine success or failure.  The other note is that progress takes time.  As hard as one might work in a day, it is only with time that change occurs.

As good as anyone is, s/he can be better if openness and willingness are present.

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