Daily Thoughts, January 14, 2016
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I watched the competition unfolding with interest.  The lead individuals were using several different motivators to push themselves to new highs.  As things unfolded, I caught myself focusing on three points along a spectrum.  On one extreme was the reference point of peer comparison.  In the middle was the reference to what was possible within one’s self.  On the opposite end from peers was the dreams of what might be possible.

Without a view of good or bad, useful or best, I realized that the spectrum also reflected the course of my life.

In a dog eat dog world, peer comparisons are a natural process and outcome.  Survival, being on top, and winning at all costs are themes often held in this space.  My mindset was often shaped by war mentality.  In this view, I always hoped to have a memory where “the sight of my critics going down is still fresh, the rout of my malicious detractors. My ears are filled with the sounds of promise.” (Psalm 92.11) In their demise, I realize that I can do more.  I am able to fight through another day.  I am able to reach for hope.

In the awareness of my weakness, I see the potential of what I can be.  My anger and frustration rises as I fight against my weaknesses.  I strive to be and do all that I can.  I push, knowing that I am able to go faster, be smarter, and reach higher.  Regardless of what others are doing around me, for or against me, the focus is within to be greater with everything that is outside.

As my view expands, I see extraordinary examples of beauty, wonder, strength and endurance.  The failures of my enemies brings a sadness to my heart that is always hoping they would become allies in a shared cause to make things better for everyone.  My weaknesses and failings are opportunities to grow.  Life is shaped by belief in the greater story and playing a role in making it better, stronger, greater.

Life is for living engage with passion.

January 13, 2016
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