Daily Thoughts, January 15, 2016
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Assured Strength

I watched as the young executive interacted in a conversation with colleagues that brought a lot more experience to the table.  It was a wonderful reminder of an approach that has worked across generations and cultures.  Takeaways for me included several reminders.

Listening is more important than sharing. Accepting the gifts of others is a wonderful platform to return the favor.  Demonstrating that one knows how to listen established trust and credibility.  In my case, it creates a desire to hear and listen to the contribution I am hopeful will follow.

Acknowledging, especially with a sense of humor, one’s lack of knowledge and insight on a particular topic never diminishes from one’s expertise.  In my experience, the acknowledgement of a gap strengthens the premise that that another’s self awareness also includes areas that I should seek to know and understand.

When ideas are offered, an attitude of humility and open curiosity creates a stage for dialogue.  Everyone learning, sharing, and growing – individually and collectively.  In this mix, hope thrives.  There is an underlying energy that is greater than the individuals.  For me, it is a transformational experience that unleashes creative thought and a sense of wonder.

I reflect on the time, conversation, and traces left within my mind and heart.  The old psalm replays in a fresh way; “Good people will prosper like palm trees, grow tall like Lebanon cedars.” (Psalm 92.12) I am hope filled with I think of the future.  I know there will be challenges and obstacles, many overwhelming.  I also know that I am stronger for being part of this community.

Doubts and fears haunt the strong and the week, the old and the young.  I do not think one ever arrives at a point where the darkness of the night is only filled with light.  Peace and comfort, good friends at any time, are here as I reflect.  I can feel assurance leading to strength that is based on listening, acknowledging the truth of the moment, and a humility shaped engagement in life.  In life uncertainties, so much is possible.

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