Daily Thoughts, January 16, 2016
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As I think back to the various conversations, meetings, and negotiations this week, with reference to none in particular and yet all, I find that there are three distinct states each experience led me to.  For some, there was nothing.  Moments after they ended, it was as if they never happened.  My heart was left untouched, except for the sadness that I had not taken a step towards hope with the time that I had.

With other experiences, there was distinct movement towards or pushed away from Hope.  As one recognizes the impact, one knows if one is moving forward or backwards.  As much as we might want to whitewash or explain it away, our hearts know.

I am struck at how motivating expressions of caring, compassion, and forgiveness can be.  Each lifts one’s heart and mind to a place of unlimited possibilities, supplies of energy, and courage.  It is as if this is the living example of the psalmist’s referent to when someone is “transplanted to God’s courtyard, they’ll grow tall in the presence of God.” (Psalm 92.13)

Several recurring whispers linger.

Every individual has the freedom to choose where and with who one shares her/his time.  Each choice is a meal for one’s heart and mind.  Regardless of our intent, the content of the experience changes us emotionally and mentally.  We choose the setting and the collective determines the menu.  The realization that I am giving control to others for the food that follows causes me to pause.

As influential and impactful as any singular choice can be, it does not need to dictate the rest of our lives.  Far too often I have let one mistake grow with time.  Learning and mustering the courage to reach for my values and aspirations can be difficult in stormy waters.  The point I want to remember and hold is that as far away as the light might seem, it is always within reach.

Trends are indicative, not absolute.  Reflection is always a good thing, especially since the one person I am accountable for is my self.

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