Daily Thoughts, January 17, 2016
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I can remember my grandfather’s 60th birthday.  In the midst of celebrating it from a distance, I recall thinking that his age and time has past.  As I think of others that have approached that age since then, there is a transformation of thought.  I first saw it as a growing rebellion to the idea that one could not contribute to society.  It grew into a belief that one could contribute and be a source of new ideas as long as one was willing.

As I look back on this first year on this decade, I realize that my openness to growth, new ideas, and a willingness to listen have greater than at any time of my life.  I catch myself observing and considering for long period of time.  Even as insights form, I find myself reluctant to take absolute positions.  There is so much more that is possible.  Observations that continue to emerge include the following.

Life can be driven by ideals, opportunity, and courage.  Ideals are not the exclusive domain of children and young adults.  Opportunities are all around us, if we are willing and open to the possibilities.  Courage often appears to be hiding, but it remains as close as we want and need it to be.

In our failures, there are opportunities for do act and reach for something better.  Failure is life’s way of schooling us.  As unwilling as we might be to experience this classroom, good can emerge from it!  Pride often blocks our path.  Arrogance can get it the way.  With Humility leading the way, we can contribute to a better world through our lives and action.

Age and other potential weaknesses are not insurmountable; they are just challenges.  I look for inspiration and see many heroes, “lithe and green, virile still in old age.”  (Psalm 92.14)

The questions, challenges, and barriers in life always leads me to the present and what will I choose.  I want a better world.  God willing, I will work on that structure today.  You and I hold an opportunity to make it great.

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