Daily Thoughts, January 18, 2016
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Dreams and Reality

Thought leadership articles on business ideas and trends often appear to gloss over the reality of implementing new ideas.  If not ignoring reality, at least minimizing the fact that not every organization is open to change that challenges the accept norm, new ideas that contradict the prevailing culture, and ways of measuring success that differs from the current management’s view.  Readers, myself included, accept the idea that new ideas are good because they work somewhere and in some setting.  This is reinforced by companies that embrace good ideas, change, and people that drive both.  In my experience, everyone agrees that these are “great” companies to work for, follow, and buy from.

With age, I have come to appreciate that all companies have strengths and weaknesses.  The one thing that makes the great one great and the others less so is the individuals that form the core of the company.  Especially with time, the sum of their choices, priorities, and values determine the company culture and what it becomes.  While few are shaped by any single individual, it is the model set by the few that often reflects the many.

I wish I had the same experience with all institutions.  While there are exceptions, in most communities the weak are in charge.  Almost as if tribute to an obscure movie from 1966, King of Hearts starring Alan Bates, one wonders who is in charge – the believers who do not believe, or the doubters and skeptics on a quest for truth.  Recently I was reminded about the power of one, especially when it comes with a life lived with quiet determination and resolve.

The inspiration reminds me of the following.

Good in all its forms, especially in the actions of an individual is powerful.  The psalmist’s reaction is consistently true; “such witnesses to upright God! My Mountain, my huge, holy mountain!”  (Psalm 92.15)

As aspirational as any community might describe itself, individual actions and relationships tell the true story.

Hope lives in doubts, quests, and imperfection.  Embracing that reality opens the door to dreams and possibilities.

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