Daily Thoughts, January 19, 2016
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We are in an age of new words, ideas, and possibilities.  Technology’s time is here, so the story goes.  The story tellers do not stop there.  This time we will hear, see the difference, and (most importantly) feel and live in the difference.

In an age where many are all or partially unplugged, I find myself coming back to three principles.

In order to make a lasting difference, there needs to be something compelling.  Being better is not enough.  Being different will not make the difference.  Even someone else is telling another that her/his life will be better will not be the turning point.  Individual want, desire, and need are success’ friends.

Technology’s (or any new idea’s) lack of success is not because ideas do not work. Being great is never enough.  Superior ideas have failed in the past!  Great cars did not take off.  VHS eventually dominated the market although Beta was better.  LPs always had a “better” sound but the world is dominated by digital music in many forms.  Success requires access, experience, and connections.

When something, anything, becomes integral in my life, I know how to use it.  Intuitively or taught, the routine of following it takes the new to the familiar, uncertain to the familiar, and something for others to something for me.  The trigger that leads to adoption may have come by surprise, but the point is, there is always a trigger that causes each to reach out, embrace, and create space within one’s heart for more.

In this, the principles that made earlier ideas successful are variations on the same ones that will create space for technology today.  The idea or tool we are embracing may be different but the reasons are the same.  Ironically, we often forget the good stuff of our forefathers that lives on in the present.  “God is King, robed and ruling, God is robed and surging with strength. And yes, the world is firm, immovable.” (Psalm 93.1) The principles of compassion, love, and community live on.  I hope we never lose our grip on them.

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