Daily Thoughts, January 22, 2016
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I watched a son embrace a way of working with others that followed a path outlined by his father for decades.  There was no hard sell.  There was no pressure.  Nothing was done in any way that pushed or forced the son to act.  Every external indicator said that this was something that the son had wanted for a long time.  As I listened to the son speak about his feelings, I concluded that the desire came from something deep within the son’s heart, so deep that he could not describe the feeling and conviction.

As the welcoming unfolding, the bond between the father and son was wonderful to witness.  Even as the father gave the son space to be his own person, the son freely and willingly gave his father credit for what was unfolding.  Even from a distance, I could feel the emotions!  Love in this context was magically energizing.  It was an upbeat variation on the psalmist’s comments about Divinity; “Stronger than wild sea storms, mightier than sea-storm breakers, mighty God rules from high heaven.”  (Psalm 93.4)

As I have reflected on the relationship, I am reminded of the following.

Bonds of love cannot be forced, they are given.  As deeply, passionately and thoroughly as a father loves his child, the circle and bond that ensues only comes with a child’s decision.  It cannot be forced.  It cannot be manipulated or twisted.  It is when it is.

Love empowers.  I loved the example of someone younger, stronger, and taller giving respect to one that came before.  Equally inspiring, was the space and respect given to the new generation.  There is a wonderful energy that flows to everyone nearby.  Additionally, each individually is greater that he otherwise would be because of the relationship.

Love allows individuals to operate together and apart.  Each could and did stand on his own.  When together they are a force! Individually they are individuals I love spending time.  Each is a sources of wisdom, insight, and laughter.

Thank-you for being models.  Your actions and relationship are gifts of hope.

January 21, 2016
January 23, 2016