Daily Thoughts, January 24, 2016
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A random question and my response without thinking came out sounding as if was I was the wisest person I know.

“Are you still involved?”

“Yes.  It is the one place I go to where I know I am going to learn.”

It is not the only place, but it is a place of learning for me.  I know I will find others with wisdom that I know I do not have!  As we laughed about the comment, I found myself reflecting on the sources of expertise that I turn to.

Recently as I worked on hanging a large door in a door frame that was not square or even consistent on one side, I reached out to a person seven time zones away.  I knew he knows more than I do.  I also knew I could trust his questions and the guidance that would follow.  As good as I was in relationship to others in the room, I knew there were and are others that have expertise that I lack.  His guidance, especially at that moment in time, made all the difference!  As I looked at the results later, I offered a silent prayer of thanksgiving.  I was also reminded of the following.

Every individual has her/his limitations.  Knowing when you are approaching the boundary only comes from developed awareness and a spirit that is willing to be helped.  It is never a sign of weakness to ask for help when you are here.

Accessing expertise is easier when one cultivates networks, places, and relationships in advance.  Put yourself in places where others are brighter, wiser, and more experience.  It is an open invitation for others to teach and mentor.  Good will follow.

Trust the words of the wise and those with expertise.  I often seek the wise only to discard the words that follow.  When we echo the words of the psalm – “God, put an end to evil; avenging God, show your colors!” (Psalm 94.1) It is time to step back and let the expert do the her/his thing.

The doors look good.

January 23, 2016
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