Daily Thoughts, January 25, 2016
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There are times when one looks for, thinks s/he needs, and definitely desires vindication.  It feels good to know that one is right, even if things do not go one’s way.  My natural thought has been that it is gratifying to know that one had a great idea, perhaps even best, even though one’s idea did not win.

With time, I have come to see my desire and need for vindication as empty.  As time has vindicated some of my youthful viewpoints and visions, I look back with sadness because I can still see the lost opportunities.  Ideas that were a little less right could have made a difference.  In context, there was a greater loss due to our collective inability to talk and walk with the Other.

With the benefit of time and far too many lost opportunities, I find myself reminding myself of mantras that would have worked then as they do now.

Collaboration does not just happen, it takes work, courage, and perseverance.  When I starts with the belief that I have the truth, even when I do, I often forget that collaboration starts with listening to the other, discovering where each is, and building on a shared foundation.

Moving forward is more important that moving perfectly.  No vision is perfect.  Few plans are complete.  Taking steps towards the right destination often reveals new insights and opportunities for More.  There is a balance that can be pursued that balances perfection with movement.

One is rarely called to be the ultimate judge.  Bad ideas often reveal themselves with time.  Better ideas stand out, especially with time.  There are standards, measures, and the bigger story that brings context.  While it is good to expressed one’s feelings, just as the psalmist did, “Judge of the earth, take your stand; throw the book at the arrogant.” (Psalm 94.2) It is rarely helpful or productive to take on the role yourself.

As I look forward, I find myself looking for collaborative opportunities to make progress.  Each is a unique window where Hope grows and gives birth to More.

January 24, 2016
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