Daily Thoughts, January 26, 2016
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I listened to another whining about life, seemingly wanting to go on endlessly.  My initial sympathies had long expired.  Whatever the expression started out being, the attitude and tone had become annoying, peevish and irritating in anyway I tried to hear it.  By the time silence was able to crowd its way in there was no chance I had any interest in the matter.

As I look back, I understand children’s need and desire to whine and whinge.  Unless they do this, there is little chance that anyone older than them is going to listen.  We should listen but we do not.  We could be paying attention.  Instead, often as not we are focused on the details of our lives.  Even as I ignored a child’s situation, I caught myself whining and whinging just like a child!

As I reflect, I find myself wrestling with three reminders.

There is a time and place to complain.  It may not be in the moment; it may be later.  It may not be directly to those involved; it may be to someone that cares.  It may seem like one is being forced to say nothing; saying the right thing to the right person at the right time is always better than venting to any and everyone in the moment.

Repeating one’s complaint to someone who listened the first time is a statement of distrust.  When we say “God, the wicked get away with murder – how long will you let this go on?” (Psalm 94.3) It can be a statement of blunt, candid, questioning.  Repeating it and the statement changes to one of distrust and doubt.

There is always something that one can complain about.  We we take the role of complaining on full time we ignore our higher calling to make the world a better place.  We are called to be hands, feet, ear, and voices of compassion and caring.  We are challenged to lift others up to places of safety, nurture, and hope.

Today is open and filled with possibilities.  Complaining and whinging are not my priority.

January 25, 2016
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