Daily Thoughts, January 28, 2016
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As I watch two groups that are part of the same organization fight a PR and perception battle against each other, one comment by a friend watching with me from the edges stands out.  “it seems childish.”  He is right, it really does seem childish even as I wrestle with my thoughts on the stakes.  Without any direct commentary on this particular battle, history reminds me of the following.

It is hard, almost impossible to defend one’s self without collateral damage.  As positive, honorable, and calm as either party might be, when one or both parties stand up and defend, others (including those one least wants to hurt) are at risk.  Ideally, one finds someone to collaborate with has holistic interests at heart.

Enlisting help is good thing!  It starts with candor.  The psalmist called it out; “They walk all over your people, God, exploit and abuse your precious people.” (Psalm 94.5) Creating awareness and transparency is the first step towards future hope.

Honorable women and men step in to defend those who cannot or should not defend themselves.  Mothers are legendary in their response.  Life likes to remind me of the link between honor and standing for what is right with and for others.

In many situations, up close and personal as well as far away, it can be difficult to know what one should do with confidence.  I have no magic answer except to encourage what I lacked in my youth – patience!  In strength, we have an opportunity to be compassionate and charitable first.  In the confidence of our truth, we can listen without the need to be right in the eyes of another.  In the turmoil, pain, and chaos of any given day, we can choose to focus on love and community.

As I consider the conflict, I would ask both parties to be charitable to each other.  If combined this with kindness and charity, I am sure a hope filled path would become increasingly clear.  As I ask, I realize that the person is my mirror should be the first to hear.

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