Daily Thoughts, January 30, 2016
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First Touch

There is something easy for forget in the experience with others.  I was reminded in the brief encounter with a two-year old boy.  He was wonderful and innocent.  He had a mind of his own and will to go with it.  At the same time, he was intentionally respectful to the temple where we met, the altar, and the instructions of his uncles, aunts, and grandmother.

His reminder is this; when we encounter each other, the one that gives is the first one touched.  Let me explain in the context of the two-year older teacher.

In his enthusiasm and singular focus on living in the moment, he did not think of what came next.  I did.  In lifting him up, in interacting, and in playing I anticipated and was looking for something that involved us.  His response completed my circle at the same time that my interaction triggered the beginning a circle of experience for him.  My end started his beginning.  It opened the door for more.  Each with an opportunity to build on the first.

In acting, I had no control over what followed.  He may have noticed.  If noticed, the action could lead to an experience.  With a two-year old, one never knows if he will notice.  It is easy to think of him as we often do like God; “God isn’t looking, Jacob’s God is out to lunch.” (Psalm 94.7) Even if he did not notice, by acting we were creating an awareness and experience within our hearts.  His response reminded me that I had touched myself before he knew of my presence.

What remains after we part is as much or as little as we choose to take with us.  I have no idea what this two year will remember, if anything.  From this perspective, it matters little if he or God remembers.  The question for me is direct; what do I want to take with me?

Will I take my first response with me and turn it into something More?  Today is an opportunity to the answer to this question.

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