In life it is easy to anticipate. Obviously we know what is going to happen next. We have been there, done that, and read about this; so what is next is broadly going to be within the boundaries of our anticipations. If there was any doubt the myriads of ways that life confirmed this fact can be talked about, explained, and analyzed on any or every given day.

I am in the middle of radical change at work. Everything about the way we are doing and going to do business is changing. I have an advantage over most. I know that I don’t know what is going to happen next! I have a good idea of the key building blocks. I have a vision of how everything should work. However, having just said this, there are a few new ingredients in the pie. Good things, yes! Wild outcomes, of course! Yet is it predictable, expectable, or anticipatable? Absolutely not!

Very gently I believe that this lack of absolute foresight extends into far more of our lives than we care to admit. If we were to admit this then living in the present would be the only option for life! Anything else would mean becoming a hermit to the past or our fears. If we were to dwell on the lack of knowledge then what happens to our confidence? Where, who, or what would we place it in or on? If we admitted to ourselves how vulnerable we were, are, then how could we take a step forward?

We are not the first ones in this situation. In fact this position is exactly where we need to be in order to be able to receive everything God continues to offer! God turned to John the Revelator and made a request coupled with an offer.

“Ascend and enter. I’ll show you what happens next.” (Revelation 4.1)

There is no way to anticipate, really anticipate what will happen next with God! My only clue is that it is extreme mercy, love, acceptance, grace, and forgiveness wrapped up in one.

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