Big Hats

I love people watching, especially in busy cities. The amazing outfits, walks, and attitudes on displays could be the fodder for some really funny books! One can sit, have a hot drink, and contemplate life while analyzing the people who pass your view. In many ways the less you know about them the better; that way the stories you create in your own mind are a clearer reflection of your soul’s mirror.

I saw a few yesterday. You know that “these are the “grumpers,” the bellyachers, grabbing for the biggest piece of the pie, talking big, saying anything they think will get them ahead.” (Jude 1.16) You could tell it by the clothes and attitude that screamed from their non-verbal conversation. I think it is the walk that talks louder than anything else does. Something in the way that the foot comes off the pavement combined with the height and length of the step says “I’m cool, or at least I think I am”! In most cir4cumstances you also can measure the size and depth of the attitude by the type of hat being worn. In England this is primarily with the women and their fancy outfits, in New York this comes with the men and their bulky floor length coats.

Big hats make a statement that is loud, bold, and confident. One is never sure how deep the confidence runs but then that is part of the puzzle. We don’t know how we should react to each other. Is the persona that I see the one underneath? Should I accept everything at face value; if not then how much do I discard? What about the posturing; is anything intended about or to me personally?

Men often get caught in a big man’s hat attitude. We want to think we rule the world when we cannot even control our own minds much less our behavior and attitude. I often wear a lot of hats. Do my hats reflect the person I want to be? Do yours? I wonder what kind of hat God would wear?

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