Bread Crumbs

As I presented a review on an article on the opportunity for one industry with digital transformation, I found myself visiting memory lane.  The introduction included what we now see as a transformative start-up when I was young.  As I shared the memories of those days, I spoke of the disbelief and uncertainty that critics in the day piled on the idea that the start-up would be successful.  I do not know of anyone who did not have doubts.  The idea that the radical new company would be an industry game changer was impossible.

My one lament about the article, as good as it is, was the fact that yesterday’s transformation did not give way to references to transformational plays today that could be equally game changing.  The bread crumbs that we now see in hindsight are still visible.  I am not sure which proposition that is stretching the boundaries of our imagination will endure and in time transform the industry.  I do know things will change.  It is highly likely that change will surprise everyone.

To someone reaching for more, early in their career or at any stage in life, I would offer the following observation.  The bread crumbs that point to something better are all around us!  Said another way, look at the way Life is whispering, cajoling, and pointing to somewhere.  As you reflect consider the psalmist rhetorical question; “How can a young person live a clean life? By carefully reading the map of your Word.” (Psalm 119.9)

Every individual is surrounded by wisdom.  It is found in the beauty we see, in acts of kindness and courtesy, and in all the ways compassion takes precedence over justice.  We may not see it, we often miss it, but wisdom is trying to embrace your life and mine.

Great journeys are never in a single step no matter how big it might be.  It is in consuming one bread crumb at a time that we accomplish what seems impossible.

Listening – hearing, seeing, experiencing – is the doorway wisdom often uses to enter our lives.

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