People like to challenge me about the existence of God. Usually the challenge includes the intellectual argument that I should be able to prove the existence and role of Divinity. Intellect and logic are keys they say. God is or he is not; there cannot be a question about the answer. The challenging questions tend to increase and become more defensive as experiential evidence is given.

I wonder about the wisdom of getting involved in the argument because at the end of the day the final answer is one that cannot be definitively proven beyond doubt. One can offer experience, personally and in other’s lives as evidence. One can document change in the life of an individual along with the power of compassion. One can suggest a personal experimentation to allow this evidence to be first-hand. One cannot prove beyond any doubt. At the end of the day these questions are at the heart of the battle between good and evil. What does one believe and hold to be most true? read more

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Home should be a safe place but statistics say otherwise. Abuse, drugs, and all type of destructive behavior are common place in far too many homes. The idea that the head of the household might be shouting fills kids with terror! Nothing good could come from this. We may not be safe. Our friends might not be safe. There is everything to lose and nothing to gain.

It would be far too easy to throw church into that lump of an abusive home. I personally could join the masses that have stories to tell. If I stop and allow myself to reflect the pain comes rushing back, the scars are fresh wounds needed tending all over again, and my puzzlement grows. read more

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I have always been somewhat cynical about those who complained of work stress. After all, isn’t stress just a choice? When the complaints surfaced in those that worked for me it was easy to see the cause. Don’t we all live of hell of our own creation? When their physical bodies rebelled and demanded that the soul or heart stop, only then did I begin to believe that there might be a connection, although it had to be tenuous.

During the past six months my views have changed. I look at my arrogance in the past and I wonder how much good well in various relationships I have squandered because of my unwillingness to see beyond my personal framework. Everyone handles life just a little bit differently. Some laugh when they are embarrassed. Many cry when they are happy. And often those that stoically endure in silence pay the ultimate price as their bodies pay a painful price. read more

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I thought I had my finger on the pulse of changing trends. I assumed that my efforts to stay current were paying off. I na?ve concluded that my assessment was young and old, mature and adventurous, a bit on the edge but not dangerous. I was and often am so “out of it”! I have no idea how designers see the future. I can’t even glimpse what might be driving their views. Everything that they do is a surprise! Some of it is good but much is just bizarre. Shifting trends and I am getting old! When did I lose touch? Did it happen all in a day? Am I completely lost? read more

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Hindsight is always much easier. It is as if the mind finally clears and the critical points reveal themselves. When one thinks back over the decades since World War II; the issues surrounding the war, the blatancy of evil, and humanity’s crisis seem hard to even think of denying. Yet for many who were alive the picture was hazy. In spite of the evidence it took a blistering attack on America’s soil to trigger true, open, honest engagement. I can’t help wonder what it would have been like if America’s engagement had started with the first act of aggression back in 1939. read more

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Waiting, doing nothing, just being is not my strength. I like action! I want to be doing something, anything to move things forward. Even if the “doing” is nothing I want to believe there is purpose and intent whatever it is that I am doing. Part of the dilemma is the definition of “doing”; it automatically implies that whatever the present is it is somehow, somewhat different from the moment that just earlier we called present.

Watching two political parties and leaders move for the winning ground each week during question time are great examples of doing something. I am not sure anyone believes that what is occurring in the “moment” will define the nation for eternity but you would never know if from the behavior on display. Everyone and everything is shaped by the intent of expressing distain for the opposition. Words are just the beginning; the real action is body language screaming out for anyone to listen! Slumped, bored expressions are as natural and appropriate as rapt attention. Deriding smiles emerge as back benchers create sounds of derision that defy anticipation. Whit, implications, and not so subtle digs are the as natural as blatant disagreements. This is active war played out for all to see and consume. read more

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Far too many people avoid their enemies. It is as if they carry a contagious disease or that by fraternizing with them one’s soul could be directly manipulated and potentially changed. Very little time, in these situations, is spent understanding their views, history, or future. Consideration is just not there for the abuse, exploitation, and humiliation that haunts the steps in their life. Regardless of one’s ability to share the same space for brief periods of time, it is extremely rare that any real dialogue occurs. “We are enemies” is both an explanation and defense. read more

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In the late sixties the US propaganda service produced a movie with a group called the 5th Dimension doing all the music. It was a can-do, three cheers to America movie that tried to capture all the extraordinary accomplishments that the wide range of people who have moved to a new country had accomplished. The starting and ending point was the Golden Gate Bridge but others accomplishments included the Trans-Continental Railroad, a wide range of inventions, the realization of the modern manufacturing capability with the Model T and other automobiles, and of course the different buildings across the country. Regardless of the emotions you thought you had when the movie started, at the end you believed you could do anything! read more

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During the past two years I have rediscovered what it is to win on a big scale. In the midst of the current political chaos it is far to easy to forget the victories, but then a visit to Madras India and some messages to the team around the world and I am ready to take everyone on all over again! Winning is an incredible thing! Contagious, infectious, restoring, wonderful, and miraculous are words that only describe the beginning. The biggest thing that I notice is the confidence and resilience that winning infuses into one’s soul. With this infusion one finds themselves energized and ready to go into battle yet again, no matter what the odds! read more

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The old clich? went something like this. “If you must ask the price then you can’t afford the price.” Yet not knowing the price doesn’t give anyone the ability to afford the price.

The debate raged on, one side versus another in an epic struggle that mirrors good versus evil. I am sure that neither side saw it that way; both believed they were doing their job or fighting for what was right. Rather than come to a clear intersection point, a dual of ideas to the end, the sides pursued their own agendas, unwilling or unable to risk losing the position that they held so dear. read more

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