Silver Bullets

Resources are scare and we want everything. We don't know whom we think is going to be our Santa Claus, Guardian, or Sugar Daddy but that does not stop us from walking through our lists in our minds. Give me the 3 car garage and the home sauna system. Let me have all the people I need to get the job done at work. Bless me with teenagers who have never known a sarcastic word, live to respect their parents, and are filled to overflowing with confidence and esteem. Oh, can I have an extra portion of those things they call peace, happiness, family, security, and of course mercy? Finally, if I haven't said it yet, can I have a bit of extra money in my pocket? read more

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It is hard to trust, it really is. Those that say differently are either na?ve or trying to convince themselves of something that just isn't factual. Actually I shouldn't suggest that I understand the person who suggests that trust is not difficult, I would diplomatically suggest to them that he or she might carefully test their position in a place of safety and support. The challenge for many of us is that we trust what we don't know and argue against what seems too obvious. Quantum mechanics is beyond my comprehension yet I easily give my trust to the scientists who use QM theories. I do not know how to fly I plane yet I freely give my life to those who pilot the planes I utilize to travel the globe. read more

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When you look at the harsh reality of living in life today there is evidence and a lack of evidence for God. It is difficult for the believers to understand the skeptic however the skeptic holds a view that uses logic and intellect and certain sections of the data at hand. There is so much evidence with information coming to light everyday and discoveries being made everywhwere that nobody can grasp the total picture.

One of the conundrums today is that people want to make “sure” decisions. They need evidence and facts on the table. In truth no decision is completely without risks and that is where the God choice becomes muddled. read more

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Everywhere you look someone is under attack. The list is endless; countries versus terror from without and without; environments from those who claim to protect as well as those well known for exploitation; the strong and the week from those who are trying to get an advantage for one reason or another. Even if you can get past the big stuff you find yourself overwhelmed. Parties in quiet suburbia mysteriously go out of control and children die in a hail of bullets. Strangers exact their toll by taking one life after another from a world family they haven’t even met. People eliminate others just because they believe hold beliefs in things that are different from their own. read more

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To Who?

The Prime Minister warns of a tough year ahead. The President alternates between saying war is about to begin and it may not be required. Stock markets the world over echo the turmoil and fears. Scandals continue to show up in bin bags, movie scripts, and new book releases. Sacrifices, adversity, and exploitation confront one at every corner. There is no escape, no place to hide, no obvious person to turn to.

Who is the answer? Who will provide relief from the adversaries that overwhelm us all? Who will confront those who are unaccountable? Is there anyone that can or will deal with this mess? read more

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