I love coaching; everything about it except losing. Yet winning isn’t the most important thing in coaching, at least in my book. Coaching is about getting the best out of people, raising the standard from the last time one attempted a particular task, and working together. Helping others succeed is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

When I think of coaching, different coaching styles come to mind. A favorite to talk about, while I am running as far and as fast as I can away from it on a personal level, is the rant, rave, and throw chairs coaching style. This approach never builds relationships and community. This approach rarely draws people to it except when “winning” is the outcome desired about all else. It is the relational equivalent of a Machiavellian strategy. Nothing matters along the way except for the destination.

When I think of coaches I look to as role models there are several words that quickly sit on my tongue; words like respect, integrity, discipline, accountability, and transparency. These are easy words to mouth but very difficult words to have others automatically associate with one’s life. I find most people like the words but have little intention on pursuing them as part of their journey. It is as if we want the reward without any effort. Reality dictates that this never happens.

There are moments in life where I have been able to truly coach another. In these memorable moments I find that it is good to “go easy on those who hesitate in the faith.” (Jude 1.22) If the intent and striving is there then the judgment call is merely how hard to push. Ironically I find that when I have a coach coaching me the same thing applies. We are in difficult times. We, you and I, need all the help we can get! Yet we also need help that truly makes a difference. It is in the little things that one discovers new energy, fresh approach that work. This is what you and I can offer to our team.

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