The feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming.  I watched others struggle with surviving knowing that they will need to face whatever comes next with an overwhelming sense of doubt.  Their body languages, conversations, and views reflected many of the doubts that are trying to dominate my heart and mind!  The challenge of yesterday only gets less because I know I survived.  There were times when my doubts dominated.  Yet, I somehow survived.

As the rain clouds come in from the north and east, I am struck by the resiliency doubts have.  It is as if I cannot get rid of them!  They dominate, bullying hope, optimism, and peace relentlessly.  As I think of the best examples around me, several responses come to mind.

The strongest and most hopeful people I know look for help first not last.  They are the first ones to stand up and say that “God takes the side of the helpless; when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.” (Psalm 116.6) As I talked to them, they openly admitted that they knew they were unable to go it alone.  Each needed the help of another.

The best always work with others.  Even when they are doing something alone, their effort and the intended outcomes are intended to include others.  I keep thinking that I will see a selfish streak emerging.  While everyone has their personal weaknesses, at the heart of their way of living is a view that always includes others.

The strongest and the weak struggle at times.  I have come to appreciate that the struggle one faces bring us to the level place where we can meet others.  It is in meeting others in their uncertainties and fears that we rediscover the connection between us.  It is here that we hear the call to be a part of their lives.

We are called to help, to be involved in the lives of the people around us!  Today’s chapter starts with a struggle; I know it will also include time for celebrations of beauty, wonder, and love.

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