Far too many people avoid their enemies. It is as if they carry a contagious disease or that by fraternizing with them one’s soul could be directly manipulated and potentially changed. Very little time, in these situations, is spent understanding their views, history, or future. Consideration is just not there for the abuse, exploitation, and humiliation that haunts the steps in their life. Regardless of one’s ability to share the same space for brief periods of time, it is extremely rare that any real dialogue occurs. “We are enemies” is both an explanation and defense.

Everyone has at least one or two people who represent different chemistries, values, and priorities. Sometimes the difference is just a matter of style or semantics. However, there are those relationships that one cannot identify what or why drives the gap in communications but one knows without a doubt that there is little in common. If the differences are painful, shared experiences are negative, or the view by one or both parties is that there is a competition that only one can win and it is important to both, then it is likely that the relationship will eventually fall into a category labeled “enemies”.

God has enemies. There is one fundamental difference between God’s enemies and ours. It isn’t personal. With God is it always, at the heart of the difference, about the principles of “self” versus “community”. God’s enemies hold self to be most important. God’s allies, partners, friends, brothers, and children lift up community as number one.

There is something unique about God’s community; it is full of hope, compassion, and mercy. The energy that is found within infuses even the warning at two different enemies go to war. “Hurry up, pagans! Wherever you are, get a move on! Get your act together.
Prepare to be shattered by God!” (Joel 3.11)

Excitement, hope, and life infused within the warning. Ironically the message applies to everyone in the community; those known to be at odds with the Divinity’s values and those who are hiding within. I wonder; are we listening?

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