If I could have a re-do, a metaphorical life mulligan, in my life I know what it would be.  Strangely enough, it is not so much about outcomes.  My mulligan would be in the art and practice of hearing.  In additions to my ears, I would listen with my eyes and other senses and experience.  My “if only” centers on the lost opportunities to hear wisdom and divinity’s voice giving me feedback, insight, and guidance.

Yesterday’s lost opportunities do not need to be a barrier to what I choose to do in the moment at hand.  There is an extraordinary amount of living waiting for you and me in every moment of life.  Opportunities may seem to be ghosts dancing or figures of what we imagine just beyond limits in our vision.  I have been reminded that they occur when we least expect it.

I recently rode to work wondering about the storms that were brewing, the light contrast of Singapore’s financial office towers stood out in bright silver and blue contrast to the dark storm clouds in the north.  The whispered awareness was a need to pay attention, listen intensely to what I was seeing.  The Force was demanding that I etch the whispers in this moment on my soul.  In a weird, not recommended to anyone on a motorcycle at a stop light, I pulled out my phone and captured the sight in a picture.  With the green light, I moved on but my mind and heart remained in reflective listening.  Windows and doors emerged from the walls, inviting me to make a difference.

If this was the only invitation I would see it as an anomaly.  In the reflection of the lake by the National Stadium, in the smile and helping hand of a stranger when I dropped my card, I find opportunities to listen to life.  Thank-you psalmist for reminding me as well; “I thank you for speaking straight from your heart; I learn the pattern of your righteous ways.” (Psalm 119.7)

I hear you and in hearing I see you.  Thank-you.

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