Little Boys

As confident and brash as little boys can be, there are times when they are not sure of themselves.  Next to my apartment building is a tiny playground.  As I walk by in the morning, there is the occasional parent with a young girl or boy.  The uncertainty one sees in a boy child is tangible.  It starts with his eyes and can be seen in every body movement.

Eyes that constantly looking to find his father or mother.  While he pays attention, taking note of what is going on around him, his eyes never linger too long on anything or anyone.  The eyes always return to the source of his confidence.  It comes from trust and well of assurance that experience reminds him that is well founded.

Two words dominate the description of his actions – tentative and cautious.  He still is not sure.  He wants to break free, to climb, jump, and show his ability.  There is a desire to show those who trust him most that he can be independent!  So much to show and yet the uncertainty dominates.

There are no others in his life.  The only reality is the playground and the parent.  People may walk by, but there are just moving colors.  Other children may join him on the equipment; his behavior makes it seem that he is unaware that they are present.  Everything in the moment is on and within himself.

I was surprised to see how a boy was playing yesterday.  I had seen him last week, everything telling me that he was uncertain, filled with fear, and dependent.  On this morning, it was as if the psalmist was writing about a new child; “The King-Maker put his King on the throne; the True King rules with head held high!” (Psalm 110.07)

Gone was the fear.  While he acknowledged his parent, there was a bigger world within his reach.  His conversation included the children around him.  He was visibly excited!  It was as if he was “swinging from the rafters”, enjoying everything.  A boy had become a king.

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