The morning message was clear; “The good guys won!”

The uncertainty and turmoil has been boiling for some time.  It has gone on so long that anyone’s ability to see through to the whatever the issues were or are have long vanished in the cloud of poor communication and conflicting views.  I know what the public version of the conflict was.  It is hard to imagine intelligent, emotionally mature adults at odds for this long.  Whatever one’s view was, the process reached a turning point.

A new chapter is beginning.  Whatever one’s view of yesterday was, the question is simple; “What can I give back to God for the blessings he’s poured out on me?” (Psalm 116.12)

What will our steps be?  For the sake of all, I hope and pray for the following.

May honor and charity apply to every step from this point forward.  At times, the two principles will be in tension with each other.  May the struggle of moving forward start and end with the framework of charity, the motivation of honor, and the courage found when both are wrapped around each other.

May our aspirations of what comes next be higher and move inclusive.  We are individually and corporately in a fight for our souls!  May we reach for a better world – one that includes everyone.  A world of compassion, diversity, and resolve.  It will not always be pretty.  With each step, it can be joyous.  We are on a quest worthy of the best gods.

May we give each moment our all.  Nothing to be held in reserve!  Full throttle with patience, bravery, and harmony.  Our selves are tended to in concert with our willingness to support everyone within our reach.  Our choices will not always be easy or obvious.  It is in our struggle to live life fully that we discover the best of what can be.

Winning creates the framework for a new chapter.  The outline and details are the initial challenge.  Filling in the details is our responsibility.  With a mix hope and fear, I am committed.

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