Morning After

As I catch up with individuals starting a new chapter, there is a recurring theme in our conversations.  Overall, it is one of optimism or hope.  If I go just beyond the surface, there is also a level of uncertainty that haunts many.  Life’s uncertainties are a reality for individuals with the benefit of time and the scars to show how harsh it can be.  I can feel the two edges in our conversation.  They see what might happen in all its glory, good and bad.

I wish I had guaranteed answers that spoke of wonderful outcomes for everyone.  To the individual that says “I’m at the end of my rope, my life in ruins,” (Psalm 109.22) I want to express hope and optimism.  If one just endures, if only for a little while, then good will come.  Even as I write this, I struggle to repeat the words because I am unsure what will happen in her or his life.

As uncertain as I am about what to say, I do know this about the moment we have right now.  In every moment, there is a slice of beauty or a piece of wonder.  It may be difficult to see, and even more difficult to grasp.  Even in the darkest, a thread of love comes through in a memory or a voice that replays in my head.

I find that everyone can make a difference, starting with her and himself.  In our fight to live, we make a tangible difference.  We give this world a chance to be a better place.  In our willingness to embrace hope, we extend Hope’s reach.  You and I are important characters in the larger story we are a part of with Divinity at its center!

We live in each step we take.  We have an opportunity start from the center.  We can use Divinity’s revelation in all its forms as our guide.  We can be confident that there will be no error in whatever direction we take.

In our mornings after, living is a choice filled with opportunities.

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