Waiting, doing nothing, just being is not my strength. I like action! I want to be doing something, anything to move things forward. Even if the “doing” is nothing I want to believe there is purpose and intent whatever it is that I am doing. Part of the dilemma is the definition of “doing”; it automatically implies that whatever the present is it is somehow, somewhat different from the moment that just earlier we called present.

Watching two political parties and leaders move for the winning ground each week during question time are great examples of doing something. I am not sure anyone believes that what is occurring in the “moment” will define the nation for eternity but you would never know if from the behavior on display. Everyone and everything is shaped by the intent of expressing distain for the opposition. Words are just the beginning; the real action is body language screaming out for anyone to listen! Slumped, bored expressions are as natural and appropriate as rapt attention. Deriding smiles emerge as back benchers create sounds of derision that defy anticipation. Whit, implications, and not so subtle digs are the as natural as blatant disagreements. This is active war played out for all to see and consume.

I often find myself being a bit player of the scene. It is as if question time is a capsule of life itself. One can never just sit, one needs to talk. Listening is never a requirement, winning is all that really matters. Respect is optional. Trust is to be shaped and used for a higher calling. Never stand idle! This couldn’t be action, unless of course your adversary is in a spiral of death and destruction.

God gave Israel some advice that applies to your life and mine. “Let the pagan nations set out for Judgment Valley. There I'll take my place at the bench and judge all the surrounding nations.” (Joel 3.12) Our role is clear. Watch, be patient, “be” in and with God. You may think this is nothing; in reality it is everything.

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