Working in a corporate environment, even as a consultant, can be frustrating.  At the top of my list is are the moments of choice that come after decision makers and influencers struggle to find time to hear and understand a proposal only to be called in the future to express a view.  As one goes into those moments, what emotions dominate and influence?  I have caught myself reacting and reflecting, wondering what emotions I need to let go of and what I need to hold onto with everything I have.

With the benefit of time and reflection, I find that I do not have a strong view of what others are doing.  Ideally, respect expressed by honoring the time committed to listen and discuss would be demonstrated and experienced.  Life today is filled with examples where it is a struggle at best, impossible at worst to achieve our ideals.  My judgement will not make this any easier to that question I find myself wrestling with is my reaction to life as it is happening.  The reminders I am leaving for myself include the following.

It is difficult to judge others.  When I am judged, my response often starts with the phrase “If s/he only knew the whole story.”  With this insight, the greatest gift I can give others is my acceptance instead of judgement and condemnation.

Embracing the possibilities of a future filled with hope and progress is the best way I can move towards this goal.  It starts with hope and lives with actions reflecting my belief of what can and should be done.  When my words and deeds are filled with hope and respect, anything is possible.

At every step, leave others with a knowledge that you (I) believe.  At times, I am filled with doubts and fears.  When these forces try to dominate, my steps reveal that heart of my story.  A positive call to hope is the one answer that opens a door to possibility; a call to “Praise God, everybody! Applaud God, all people!” (Psalm 117.1)

Good is within our reach.

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