Small Signs

I think about the small things in life and faces comes to mind.  Each in her/his own way has helped me see the fine print around me.  Through them, I discovered the beauty and wonder in contemporary art.  With their help, I began to see the way darkness brings out the light in photographs and film.  Following their guiding voice and hands, the textures and consistency of certain food dishes came through.  Each experiencing enriching my life in a way only details can.

Last night over dinner with a table of friends old and new, I found myself appreciating life’s details.  The laughter of a friend reminded me of unconditional acceptance.  The courtesy of another took me to a place of trusted consistency.  Each pointed to something in a larger story.

It is amazing what happens with a barbequed dish has the perfect balance of crisp, sweet, and spice.  I found myself consuming far more than my share, savoring each bite, and wondering how the chef in the kitchen perfected her craft.

I was given reason to pause when the balance of the black pepper disk struck a fine balance that kept you eating long after you were full.  The balanced blend of spices worked in harmony with the rest of the disk to create a wonderful combination of sensual experiences through the smell, taste, and feel of the dish.

Desert to me to a sublime place of comfort and anticipation.  As simple as caramelized friend bananas and the perfect ice cream combination drawing one in unexpectedly.  The first awareness of the new destination was the feeling of surprise and beauty that one realized was within before s/he knew it was even possible.

To each who was part of a great evening and dinner, thank-you.  For your role played in bringing a desire within to life, “I’m single-minded in pursuit of you; don’t let me miss the road signs you’ve posted,” (Psalm 119.10) a double and triple thank-you.  The small details of what happened led to a much bigger story that filled me with Hope.

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