Starting Line

The challenge of where to start and who to trust in relational politics is often filled with uncertainty and doubt.  I am often reminded that winning starts with choosing the right ally and patron.  In contrast, principles do not seem to get one very far.  Recent reminds have brought back the reality that people come with their own questions and answers.  In each case, the Q&A includes the answer to where they start and who is they patron and ally.

I am still guessing and speculating about many around me.  What I have come to realize is that my starting point has shifted over the years.  The confidence and dependence on others has morphed into a core belief that love, community, and caring compassion are the fundamental building blocks of life.  At the core is a willingness to embrace the diversity around me with respect, unconditional acceptance, and a desire to start with the good in others (no matter how thin or illusive this might seem at the start).  By changing where I start, what follows is also different.

The sequence works along the following lines.

Divinity is defined by core principles and a call to action.  When I read that it is “far better to take refuge in God than trust in people;” (Psalm 118.8) I rediscover the values closest to my heart.  New steps follow.

I look for the thread of goodness, of connected purpose, and positive intent that I can embrace and encourage within the heart and mind of others.  The starting line is core values that we share.  Their god and past choice of action may be different, no matter.  Each may come with a character flaw or significant weakness; not important.  My goal is to discover and embrace that compassion and willingness to work for and with others.

Every moment is a fresh opportunity to begin again.  In my humanness, things go off course.  In our awareness of ourselves, we can start again.  Each moment brings a new opportunity of choice.  One that is always available?  Embracing, encouraging, and nurture.

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