For whatever reasons the wave has caught up with me.  In the chaos that life serves up, the combination of little and big stuff, lingering and new, normal and filled with spite, I know I am not in a place to complain.  Others are worse off.  The struggle for many is unimaginable and yet they press on.  My observation is not a complaint.  I am grateful to be alive.  My observation is simple this; I am overwhelmed to the point of being unable to move with freedom.  The tiredness with a lingering feeling of being chained and restrained has taken over.  As much as I wish and hope, the reality of the engulfing wave is tangible and real.

To anyone in similar shoes, the reminders I would share include the following.

Be smart.  One is alive, hurting, and need of healing.  As overwhelming as it might seem in the moment, this is the state we find ourselves in every day of our lives.  The best outcomes will be preceded by reflection, awareness, and a willingness to accept healing and support.  The question is one of action.  With intent and thoughtfulness there are steps we can and should take.

Be steady.  I find myself whispering a prayer in the hope that Divinity hears and will continue to be present.  “Oh, that my steps might be steady, keeping to the course you set;” (Psalm 119.5) Experience reminds me that there are no magical steps, but a series of good steps ahead.  There is no single action that will fix everything, but a steady course of actions will lead you, me, and those around us to a better place.

Be open to hear, learning, and embracing.  One is never alone.  As dark, quiet, and vacant as our life and minds might seem, God and those we love are as close as our willingness to let them be in our lives.  We never see everything in our lives.  With the insights of others combined with wisdom words and guiding embraces, our next steps will emerge.

Steady; reach for your dreams.

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