A friend habitually posts travel updates.  Given the nature of his work, his updates on which airline and his experiences are a frequent event.  Over the past two years I have noticed a pattern.  When an airline treats him as a VIP, upgrading his class of travel is the action I have seen the most, he gives a very positive review.  As we caught up recently, the conversation among a larger group of friends became a lively critique of the world’s top airlines.

His case was compelling.

On every flight with a one airline, if they could upgrade him a class, they did.  Economy to business, business to first, first to suites.  When they did not have an empty seat to offer, they offered their apologies.

The seats were roomy, even in coach!  He is a big guy who enjoys being comfortable.  This airline has redefined what he should expect from everyone.  The food was first class, even when you were not in first.

The attitude of the staff, from reservations to check-in, in making changing and arriving as scheduled, and especially in the air, was all that you imagine and more.  Even as he shared a few examples, his body language suggested he was reliving the experience!  His smile got a bit bigger and his eyes lit up.  As I listened, I could feel just how much he enjoyed flying with them.

Perhaps he is a special VIP, which would account for the difference in how he is treated.  I initially thought it might be a unique experience, but then others started to share their experiences.  Each seemed to mirror the first.

The compelling stories became the consensus winner.  Since our catch-up, I have noticed the airline’s advertisements.  Each advertisement’s promise is to treat me as a special VIP!  It is as if the individual in change will welcome everyone and then s/he “seats them among the honored guests, a place of honor among the brightest and best.” (Psalm 113.8)

The stories seem unreal, almost impossible.  I think I need a vacation that requires flying.

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