“Are we there yet? How long? You said “that” five minutes ago.”

Three minutes pass.

“Are we there yet? How long? You said “that” an hour ago.”

The questions mount, relationships fray, and we slowly journey towards our destination. Every parent has gone through the conversation on far too many occasions yet we, even as adults, always comes back to the intent of the question with we are expecting change, results, or a new decision. Our willingness to just “be” while time passes towards our goal doesn’t get any stronger with age. I do think many of us are fundamentally different from when we were five or six years old! We merely ask the question differently and, on occasion, actually keep our emotions inside our shirt instead of on our sleeve. The difference comes with one has confidence in the other party, is engaged in the process, and knows that whatever can be done to accelerate the process will be.

Yesterday I lost my passport. After hours of searching without success I started down the unknown path of getting a replacement. My expectations were measured in days, perhaps weeks. Queuing in the line to pass security didn’t change my belief. Even getting the forms seemed to reinforce expectations. Then I spoke to my angel. Wonderful, awesome, and beautiful are words that cannot express my feelings. She offered to begin working even before the paperwork was complete. Her hands and computer were at work even as my paperwork sat waiting official judgment.

The judgment came, questions ask, and the verdict rendered, “I believe my colleague has already started to work on this.”

Sweet words! Less than an hour after walking in a stranger I left as a recognized citizen of the United States.

“He who testifies to all these things says it again: ‘I’m on my way! I’ll be there soon!’” (Revelation 22.20)

Wondering if life will ever change for the better? I believe God has already started to work on this. God is passionately, completely, and totally in love with the idea of having you back.

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