Some “why” questions are hard to answer.  The “how” and “what” follow-ups are easy, almost mechanical and by rote.  It is the first question, especially when directed from one heart to another that is difficult.  I find myself asking the question again even as I try to answer it!  To put it bluntly, it is as if I am not sure that my answer is the real answer.

I was asked “why” in the context of a God conversation.  It was an interesting question from my different angles.  In context, it was a asked question that I desperately wanted to answer accurately and succinctly.  From what heart to another, the question was important to the person asking as well as the person answering.

In my why, there were the three C’s; compassion, community, and caring.

The God I know begins and ends with compassion.  It is not an exclusive trait that is only exercised as if reserved for the select few.  My God is a big, all inclusive, I love you in any and every state of being kind of god.  It is love on steroids that is always about the other.

It begins with one but never stops there.  It is high individualistic in the most communal way possible!  This God finds her home within each and comes to life through the interactions we have with others.  It is always plural.  Inclusive compassion creates new windows and doors to beauty, wonder, and awe.

This God spans time effortlessly and always has time for the one in need.  There is no need to be short with this god.  Echoing the psalmist; “I love God because he listened to me, listened as I begged for mercy.” (Psalm 116.1)

My why answer is messy yet simple.  A god that compassionately cares about all, including me.  In Her I find living examples of purpose, calling, and a reason to be.  In this case, no vague or lofty words, just acts of compassionate in my community, tangible realities of what it means to care.


Without these, there is no why.

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