Ys in the Road

Decision points in life come in the moment and then occasionally along the way. This may sound confusing at first but follow the sequence. We make most our decisions without even thinking. There should be no doubt in our minds that these decisions, especially the ones taken when nobody is looking, reflect our true values and priorities. When one stacks these decisions up one will see a pattern indicates the exact destination. Occasionally there are direction-shifting choices that sit waiting. We know that they are here. We even assume we know why they are important. Yet rarely do we understand completely why they are critical. It is hard to tell the big Ys from little Ys.

I would like to suggest that every decision is a big Y. Ignoring the small stuff can be as dangerous as avoiding the big ones. When we make mistakes, big or small, we should learn the lessons that are there and then move on; leaving guilt lying on the side of the road where it belongs. The big choices are just that, big. However our choices can be no more certain or less so than the small ones. We need to carefully consider, weigh the alternatives, listen to the Spirit, and then decide.

The challenge comes with our first mistake. What can we do? The answer lies in separating the process from the result. Deal with those involved with kindness, especially if the one in focus is your self! At the same time take radical, decisive, pain is not relevant decisions about the outcome. Need correcting? Then make it! Need to be in a new spot? Get there! Need to repair broken fences? Now is the time to start mending!

Spiritual journeys are embedded in life journeys. There is no separation that is real or relevant. Make a bad choice? Then “go after those who take the wrong way. Be tender with sinners, but not soft on sin. The sin itself stinks to high heaven.” (Jude 1.23)

Ys in the road are not problems; avoiding them is.

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